Whole Home Surge Protection

Have you ever had to replace circuit boards on your appliances? 

Protect your valuable appliances right at your panel.  
This product will take the shock in the case of a power strike.

Excellent warranty.

Made in Canada. 

Contractors' List


Love, love, love this product !!!

The one that I have installed in my bathroom can sense when I am having a bath and turns on for half an hour.  No need to remember to turn the fan on or off and no need for a timer.

This is an excellent idea for everyone, especially in a rental unit to avoid costly repairs caused from mold damage.

Demand Switch


An important part of creating your own sleep sanctuary is this device which gives you automatic protection against AC electric fields, including dirty electricity.


***   Now available with 20 amp Protection   ***


Again, see our friends at Safe Living Technologies for this cool product.

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