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We do free estimates - which is an estimate - not an invoice amount for work to be done.

We do not estimate troubleshooting because we don't know what the problem is, but when we find it, we fix it.




Let us send an electrician to inspect your home for signs of electrical hazards - FREE.             


We will look for visible wiring hazards and use our thermal camera to inspect your fuse or breaker panel.

We highly recommend this service to elderly people and young families.


About the inspection:

  • 1 hour is allotted for the estimate

  • will inspect visible/accessible wiring

  • will use the thermal camera to inspect your breaker or fuse panel

  • will pop head into attic if access is prepared ahead of visit

  • will estimate cost to repair any hazards and educate you and your family in electrical safety


For a fee:


  • will provide a written report with thermal images

  • will fully inspect attic or crawl space



This free service is provided to people in the Cambridge - KW area.


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519 - 240 - 0641

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